Freeride tour

Read the terms of service carefully - freeride tour.


Freeride tour is a very beautiful, powerful and responsible event! Not only that, in not everyone will take it, and not every instructor can lead a group to freeride. For freeride tours we have specially trained instructors who have passed avalanche safety, able to provide first aid, having avalanche equipment, and most importantly - the experience of freeride. In addition, we will evaluate you for the necessary minimum training. (skiing technique, confidence on downhill skiing, skiing experience).

Specialized instructors training (avalanche safety, first aid., experience Freeride from 3 years). In a group of 5 people there is always a minimum of 2 guides, “opening” and “closing”.

Have a beeper, shovel, probe, first aid kit, etc. (yours or for rent). Be able to use them.

One-time service

Group 2-6 people

Depending on the complexity of the tour, it is calculated individually. One-day freeride in the resort $ 200 per person. In the group, a discount is possible only by agreement with the guide.


Always be interested in your instructors - experience, where you were, what you saw, what troubles you were in. Not only the quality of the upcoming freeride tour, but also your life depends on their experience. Ask about the avalanche of the place you are going to go. Learn the theory yourself before the tour.

Tour differences:

Tour differences 1 day 3 days
Who is suitable for Beginners Advanced
Location Resort Ski tour
Group 2-4 people 2-4 people
Price 200$ 540$
Personal 1 человек 1 человек
Price 200$ 540$