Group lesson

Read the terms of service carefully - group lesson.


A group lesson is your occupation in a group of riders of about the same level. Whether you are new or continuing, it does not matter. A group is usually from 2 to 6 people. Occupation lining up sequentially, i.e. learning one element, all members of the group take turns doing the exercise, wait each other. In the group, mutual respect and patience are important. The instructor should take time equally for all students. The progress in the group is focused on the lagging student, according to him the instructor understands whether it is worth moving on to the next element of training or you need to work out the previous one.

This option is good if you want:

  • 1. Save a little, because, as you know, in a group it is always cheaper to study
  • 2. It’s more fun with friends to watch each other’s progress

The instructor is appointed by the administrator. If you want to take a group lesson only as part of your friends, You can choose your favorite coach. Be sure to wait for the confirmation of your application!

Duration of classes for groups from 2 hours to 6 hours. A group lesson can be as a one-time lesson - one-day orientation, and several-day course.

2-4 students

80$ for 2 hours for 2 people, for each subsequent in the group + 30$.


2 hours of classes is the minimum time for one day. Empirically, we determined that the average person without special sports training can easily stand 2 hours of physical activity. In the group, the trainer pays even attention to all students, therefore, the larger the group, the more time there is for rest, analysis of exercises and colleagues of students. More than 6 the person in the group is not effective.


Number of persons \ 2 hours Price
2 people 80$
3 people 110$
4 people 140$