Read the terms of service carefully - paragliding.


Paragliding - parachuting clouds! Paragliding is tandem parachute planning by air currents. You are an experienced pilot who will show the beauty of resorts from a bird's eye view, put it into the canyons and lift it up to the sky again on the ascending streams. It is breathtaking and breathtaking. act. In addition, each flight is filmed, so in addition to the sensations, you will still have a video.

A pilot with a positive experience of flying over 3 years.

Flying in tandem with the pilot. Flight duration from 15 minutes to an hour.

1 pilot - 1 client. Flying in tandem with an instructor.

100 (125) $ one flight.


Dress warmly, it’s always cold upstairs.

Flying with an instructor in tandem

Duration 10-15 min 15-20 min
Who is suitable for To everyone To everyone
Location Resort Canyon
Bonus Video for memory
Price 100$ 125$