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Read the terms of service carefully - personal instructor.

Personal instructor

This is your guardian angel throughout the entire course of study. All responsibility for you is laid on his shoulders. Your well-being, training, progress. A personal instructor pays time only to you, without being distracted by others students. If you need quick progress, you are ready to learn both practice and theories, an individual instructor is the one you need. In 2 hours of classes you will receive so many exercises that you will practice the rest of the day.

Any trainer from our website can become your instructor. You can choose it yourself or the administrator will appoint a free one for your dates. You can also change the instructor at will, justifying the desire. More teachers the more approaches to you and experience! Sometimes finding your “own” coach is just as important as and the presence of snow on the slope.

A personal lesson lasts from 1 hour to 6 hours in one day. Depending on what goals you pursue.

1 student

30 dollars an hour. (Cost for 2 hours - $ 50. There are discounts for group classes and per course)

Personal course - designed for those who want to quickly learn the projectile (skiing / snowboarding). The duration of the courses is 3 days and 5 days, 2 hours a day.
With a one-day course, at least a minimum 4 hours is required to ride with turn. Price per 4 hours is 100$
Three-day course - $ 150 (20% discount)
Five-day course - $ 250 (20% discount)


2 hours lesson is the best time for one day. Empirically we determined that the average person without special sports training withstands 2 hours of physical activity. In addition, in 2 hours the trainer will download, but it won’t overload you with new information about riding technique and your projectile.

Course differences:

Duration 1 day 3 day 5 day
For whom Beginners Continuing Continuing
Price (2 hours) 50 $ 150 $ 250 $