The list of services that we offer you!

When choosing the service you need, check out the basic rules, on the basis of which it is provided.


Personal instructor

Персноальный инструктор в Гудаури


A personal instructor is your guardian angel throughout the entire training course. All responsibility for you is laid on his shoulders. Your well-being, training, progress. A personal instructor pays time only to you, without being distracted by others students. If you need quick progress, you are ready to learn both practice and theories, an individual instructor is the one you need. In 2 hours of classes you will receive so many exercises that you will practice the rest of the day.

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Group lesson

Групповое занятие в Гудаури


A group lesson is your group of riders of about the same level. A group is usually from 2 to 6 people. The lesson is built sequentially, learning element by element. In the group, mutual respect and patience are important. The instructor must take time for everyone students equally. Progress in the group is focused on the lagging behind, according to him the instructor understands whether to move on to the next element of training previous one. This option is good to save and have fun with friends.

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Kid`s camp

Детский лагерь в Гудаури


Children's camp is a rest for parents, entertainment and teaching children alpine skiing sports by qualified instructors. Children's camp is like a day area in school. In the morning, parents bring their children to the instructor, and in the evening they pick up a satisfied a child. The curriculum, the schedule for spelled out in the camp program.

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Freeride tour

Фрирайд тур в Гудаури


Freeride tour is a very beautiful, powerful and responsible event! Little of, that not everyone will be angered in him, and not every instructor can lead the group in freeride. For freeride tours, we have specially trained instructors who have passed avalanche safety, able to provide first aid, having avalanche equipment, and most importantly - the experience of freeride. In addition, we will evaluate you, or the necessary minimum training (skiing technique, confidence in downhill skiing experience).

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Параглайдинг в Гудаури


Paragliding - parachuting clouds! Paragliding is tandem planning on parachute through the air currents. You are an experienced pilot who will show the beauty of the resort aerial view, lowered into the canyon and again lifted into the sky on ascending streams. This is a breathtaking and breathtaking action. In addition, each the flight is filmed on an action camera, so in addition to the sensations, you will still have a video with your participation as a keepsake.

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Resort guide

Гид по курорту в Гудаури


A resort guide is one who knows the resort like the back of his hand, knows where to eat, where to have fun, where to sing and dance, and where after a long ride steam the bones. Where to have fun or mentally sit around the fire, sing along with the guitar. With whom to go to Kazbek, and where to buy the most tasty Khvanchkara from the manufacturer. Of course, the resort guide also rides great and can combine in itself and your instructor.

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